12/28/02 Rodney B San Diego, Ca.  1- 900, 1-5000rbt  97 Chalet Alpine " Thanks! ... The vent we installed today is great. We started with the unpowered one first. With the short knob it will work very well."

12/11/02 Con N.  Overland Pk. Ks.  Ford Econoline  " Thank you for sending the fan, everything is great, works great, extra gaskets helped. I will definitely send any new business to you.  Thank you again Happy Holiday"
12/10/02 Eleanor F.  Branford Ct. 1-6000rbta  Sprinter/Freightliner " I got your name off an internet group from a person who bought from you and was pleased with your help, Thanks"

11/26/02 Russ S. Cokato, MN  Animal Trailer  " Please ship 6- 4000r like the last time, Thank you"  

11/19/02 Bob W. Houlton, Maine   73-78 GMC 1- 4000r  "Thank you" 

11/11/02  P. Q. Emerald Isle, N.C. Endless Breeze  " Thank you for the fast delivery." 

11/1/02 Corey W.  Gilroy, Ca  1-5000rbt 73-78 GMC  " The other two I got from you a while back are working just great..."

10/31/02 Tony B. West Islip, Ny. 1- 4000r  73-78 GMC  "I really appreciate your timely responses to e-mails and your service...".  You are a gem!  I hope to meet you in person someday." 

10/8/02  Dennis P. Cheyenne,Wy.  4000r and 900   "...Great vents, I wish I had known about Fantastic Vents before I put in the last set of vents that were of such poor quality that I wish I hadn't ordered them."

10/6/02 Vic M. Vancouver, BC Canada  2-6000rbta  73-78  23'GMC  "Scott: Fans arrived just fine. Thanks very much..."

10/6/02  Robert D. Oklahoma City, Ok.  1-4000r " Hi Scott, I got the fan Thursday. Its going to work out great. Thank you."

9/27/02 John F. Houston, TX. 3-6000rbta  GMC Bus Conversion  "Your website has more useful information on it than any other Fantastic vent seller. Comparing your prices, information and got my order..  I want 3-6000rbta's, white translucent domes insulated and gray interiors.  My roof thickness is 2 1/2".  ... "  

9/24/02 Gladys S. Hamilton, MT. 1-6000rbta  Lance Fifth Wheel  "Thank you" 

9/22/02 Jennifer R. Flagstaff, AZ.  Endless Breeze   "Next purchase will be a Fantastic Fan--a dog show
friend has one in her FW, and it's wonderful....Thank you"

9/14/02 Mark E. Lethbridge, Alberta Canada  1-6000rbta  "Thanks again. This is an excellent deal! Thank you for making it available for netters. By the way, you can come visit us anytime, but not so sure about staying for a month! VBG"

9/12/02 Jim H.  Camarillo, CA    5000rbt   "Thanks for all the info.  Sorry to trouble you with the request.  I compliment you on your good and friendly service."

9/5/02 Larry J. & Marianne W.  Hidden Springs, ID. 1-6000rbta  Monaco Dynasty  "If your travels ever bring you through Idaho, give us a call. Thank You." 

9/2/02  Josh B.  Steubenville, O  Endless Breeze  Popup tent trailer   "We used it over Labor Day in West Virginia at a campground without power. I plugged it into the car lighter. The extra extension came in handy.
Many people saw it and liked it.  I bet you get some e-mails.  ...Thank you."
8/23/02 Stuart Y.  Mount Laurel, NJ  1-4000r  2000 Starcraft  "I appreciate your excellent web site and service {a lost art} my phone no. is xxx-xxx-xxxx. thank you."

8/21/02 Bud H.  Port Allegany, PA  1-6000rbta  Flxible Bus Conversion  " Thank you"
8/21/02  Harry P. Soldotna, AK. 1-6000rbta (Insulated dome)   "Scott, The vent arrived this afternoon. ... The only thing wrong - you sent the wrong model. Just kidding. That is pay back for telling me about eating the fresh tomato. Actually the vent looks great as you and I knew it would."

8/14/02  Ezen R.   Muskogee, OK  1-5000rbt   Aliner   "Thanks Scott, we got the vent.  Just to let you know, we almost bought elsewhere. Our purchase would have been disappointing  for the base and knob would have been wrong. Your website is great and certainly full of information. Only because of the the internet and your website, we got the right product for our Aliner...."
8/14/02  Holmes J.   Knoxville, TN.  1-6000rbta  89Winnebago  "Thank you for such great service and price. We will certainly recommend you to others." 

8/13/02  Callahan K.  Detroit, Mi  2-6000rbta   Airstream   "We just love the new vents. They are so versatile, one on intake, one on exhaust, both on exhaust, either way the trailer is cooler. They are "Fantastic" :) Thank you."
8/5/02  Jackson B. New Orleans, La  4-Endless Breeze Fans "Thank you for the great service and better price for four. The horses are much cooler." 

7/31/02  Tracy O. New Denver, BC Canada 1-5000rbt Winnebago "The fan just arrived today in British Columbia-that was fast! Thanks for the excellent service; I will highly recommend you to any who are interested..."

7/26/02  Danielle P. San Diego, Ca  1-6000rbta   Jayco  " The fan looks really good:  Perfect fit. Thank you so much."

7/19/02 Phil S.   Signal Mtn., TN  1-4000r 1-5000rbt  73-78 GMC motor home  "...I am again
impressed with the way you do business and will recommend your service to others. Thanks for all your help."

7/15/02 Basil R.  Hilton Head, SC  Endless Breeze  " I used it last week on my run to the west coast and back for the first time. I hung it up on my open sleeper window with some wire and set it on low. The air flow was just great. Thank you"

7/8/02  John B.  Augusta, ME  Endless Breeze  " We used the fan on are July 4th weekend outing and were very impressed. The additional extension allowed us to even blow the flies off the picnic table."   

7/8/02  Richard F.  Vancouver, BC 1-6000rbta  73-78 GMC Motor home  "Got to tell you Scott... removing those two pieces from the roof line and putting the Fantastic Vent up there has changed the whole look of the ARK ... suddenly got longer and sleeker. Does a mileage improvement and top speed increase come in the box too?"

7/3/02 Joe T.   Bountiful, Utah   1-6000rbta   95 Kit Companion   " I received the vent and I installed it this morning.  It works great!  Thanks for your help with this and for shipping it so promptly."...''I will be sure to show it off when I am out camping and I will let people know that they can get the best deal from Ado hen Supply!"

7/1/02  Bill H.  Baltimore, MD.  1-5000rbt   71 Wilderness   " Hey Scott how yaw doing, Put the fan in sat morning looks and works great  went to the car races sat night and some friends seen it might have a couple more sold"  

6/27/02  Frank C.  Waynesville, NC  1- 4000r   98 Coachman Saratoga     " Scott: Fan arrived 3:00PM and I installed it by 6:00PM. It's working fine....I'm very pleased with the fan and the ease of installation. Thanks for your excellent service and concern."

6/27/02  Scott W.    Kalispell, MT     1- 6000rbta  87  Fleetwood Jamboree  " Hi Scott, I received the vent tonight and installed it in less than 2 hours - what an easy project! Thanks for the great fan at a terrific price, the only problems were all of the mosquitoes and they got sucked up as soon as I turned on the fan! Thanks Again! "

6/26/02 Sean A  Stow, Oh    2-5000rbt  Fleetwood  "Thank you Scott. The vents fit perfect. The hardest part was removing the old vents--yikes! There must have been 10 different layers of leaking sealant around them. I used a heat gun and putty knife to get most of it off then some paint thinner. Four hours later I was done completely and opened a cold one and,,.  We like the quality and improvement in air circulation a lot.'' 

6/12/02 Mason I.  Naples, FL  2-6000rbta  Bluebird  "Thank you for the good service and no BS. We do like the light we get from the smoked domes. They are quality units and fit well with our "new" coach"

6/4/02 Shelia M.  St. Jacobs  Canada  1-5000rbt  1-900  Airstreams   "All of the fans are in, one in the living area, the vent only in the kitchen and one in the bedroom at the back of the trailer. Three skylights, they are wonderful, it's so light and bright in there now, I love it.  Thank you again for the speedy delivery." (Clear domes)

5/24/02 David F. Westlake, Oh.  2-6000rbta  Winnebago "Thank you for your help and prompt delivery." 

5/22/02  Carl D.  Lafayette, In.  6000rbta  GMC 73-78 " It was a real and unexpected pleasure to receive such a friendly and rapid response. Makes it easy to understand all those positive complements folks have made....I appreciate your help and look forward to more business with you in the future. Thanks again."

5/20/02 Jon, S. Pittsburgh, Pa  Endless Breeze "I just though I would update you as you asked. WOW! That sucker packs some air flow. We are in Tempe As right now where you need a breeze."

5/20/02 Tylinter, F.   Dayton, Oh  2- 4000deal  Pace Arrow  "The vents are installed and we like them. The gray does look nicer than we thought it would.  Thank you"

5/19/02  Baker, J.  Layfette, In   3-6000rbt's  Wanderlodge   "Thanks Scott. Fantastic sure makes a nice fan. They are very solid sounding if you know what I mean. We have had a lot of rain recently and it is a nice convenience to have the rain sensor feature."

5/13/02 Lee H. Chester, Ca  1-6000rbta  Montana 3280  "Found your website through Google search engine.  Thanks for the phone #.  For your info, one of the features we knew was a "must" in our new 5th wheel was the Fantastic Fan with the automatic dome open/close. ...Our friends trailer was equipped with a Fantastic Fan. What a difference!!!!!!!! Now we have our Fantastic Fan too!!!!!!!!! Awesome product,..."

5/8/02 Bernie V. Baltimore, Md Country Coach  2 -6000rbta  "Scott, I installed them myself.  First time I have ever worked on my coach since new 5 years ago. You know I actually got a lot of satisfaction doing it myself. Your e-mail help with the installation procedure caused me to "just do it".   Thank you " 

5/2/02 Bill B.  Billings, Mt   1-6000rbta  " Just got it installed, I like it.  I will get the other one next year. Thanks for your generous help. Nice talking to you on the phone."   

4/29/02 Hector L. Sacramento, Ca. 1- Endless  Breeze  2-4000 specials  Winnebago  "Thanks, Scott.  Your service is impeccable and we appreciate good service.  We have all the cooling power we need now. We have no hot air in the motor home for long :)."

4/29/02 Tom W.  Paducah, KY  GMC  1-6000rbta "Received the fan today.  It looks good.  I had about forgotten about it."

4/26/02 Sheila M.  St. Jacobs, Canada 1- 5000rbt Airstream "Thank you for all your help...enclosed is certified check in US funds"

4/24/02 Victor W.  Boston, Ma  2-6000rbta  Winnebago Vectra "I got the vents and installed them. They are so nice. The flat domes are just the touch our coach needed.  Beats the hell out of the old bubble domes we had.  You changed the whole appearance of our coach. Thank you for the recommendation." 

4/16/02 Norman P. Oceano, Ca. 1-4000r  1-6000rbta " Hi Scott, When I got home last night, they were there. Thanks very much. They look great. Thanks for the help selecting the right units." 

4/3/02 Jason G.  Key West,  Fl. 2-6200 upgrade kits. " Thank you for all your help. I love the automatic dome open and close." 

3/21/02  Tim H.  Port St. Lucie FL.  88 Kit Companion 196  1- 4000special  "Hey, I received my 4000 vent and Installed it (in the bathroom) last weekend.  Everything went smoothly and I was very impressed with the quality of the vent.  It was heavy-duty, very-quiet, and moves a lot of air. ... but now I'm thinking about cutting in a reversible one for over the bed.  Should work great for warmer weather camping at parks with no hook-ups."

3/19/02  Fred J.  7000TSDD  House back porch "The weather broke and I installed the vent. Got the hose out and sprayed the vent, dome closed automatically. I love my new toy. Thank you for the help and offering your advice"

3/19/02  Jon S.   Pa.   Endless Breeze   Coleman tent trailer "Got the Endless Breeze, what a honey. I probably will get another for the kids to use:)" 

3/18/02  Scott W.  TX.  1-6000rbta  Mountain High Coachworks  "Thanks for the great service. Best of luck to you with your company."

3/15/02  Lani G.  IN.  1-6000rbta  Trail-et horse trailer  "Thanks so much for your assistance"

2/11/02  Lee B.  OH   2-5000rbt  1-Endless Breeze  Airstream trailer  "Thanks Scott for your help. Not many companies give the personal service you do on the internet."  

12/16/02  Laura N.  AZ   2-6000rbta   Newmar Dutch Star  " Thank you so much for doing the legwork for me.  Rick will be so surprised at Christmas. The old fans are a mess. For the cost of this 97 coach you would think it would have better vents. It will now!. Thanks again Scott.

12/14/01  Susan Z.   IN.  1-4000r  Merhow Equistar horse trailer 
"Thanks Scott, A pleasure dealing with you"

10/21/01   David N.  AZ.  2-5000rbt   95 Casita Trailer 
" Thank you for the good prices and prompt delivery.  Paypal worked good...."

9/23/01  Paul  S.  GA.   2-6000rbta  76 Airstream
"Thanks" for the e-mail & the "fans." As they say in computer LINGO ..."We're up and running"! They work beautiful...we "thank-you" again....//////Paul

9/10/01  Ken H.  OHIO  2-6000rbta  GMC Palm Beach 
"Thanks for your generosity and honesty. You have gone out of your way to make a special exception for me. I appreciate that very much! I  will spread nothing but good news about you!  Looking forward to the vents and to meeting up with you."

9/4/01 Wally W.   Nebraska  "THANKS A BUNCH, SCOTT!...You can bet I will tell all about this {Fantastic Vent}  Company!  NEVER have I had this kind of wonderful treatment for any company before." 

8/23/01  Jeffrey S.......  WA.  1-5000rbt  2-4000r   76 Glenbrook
Our 3 fans arrived on Tuesday and everything was just as expected. Of course it started raining on Wednesday or they probably would all be installed by now. Thanks for your quick e-mail replies and shipping. I'll certainly recommend Adohen to anyone that admires our fans. 

8/23/01  Allen H..... NC.  3-4000 specials plus 1 Airstream Bezel.  94 Excella - 65 Caravel
I received the three Fantastic fans and the Airstream bezel today and they
look to be everything I had hoped for.  Thank you very much for your prompt and very considerate service.

8/16/01   Daisy W.....  CT.   Airstream   Installation:    
(Fantastic Vents) " They are very quiet, and very efficient, and let lots of light in too.  My vent was wired for a fan originally, so the wires where right there, and also my '73 has the vents and lights together. The main  wiring harness runs along the ceiling, you may be able to find a circuit there."  To view her installation go to: FANTASTIC VENT INSTALLED IN AN AIRSTREAM

8/5/01  Jack C........  
"When I had the Safari built, I made sure it had a FF( Fantastic Fan) on the front and rear vents. They work great! As a plus, these units run on 12 volts"

8/14/01  2-5000RBT   Dean I.  Oregon:. 
"Hi Scott, The fans have worked as well as I hoped, and as well as you said they would. In fact, they exchange more air than there size would indicate. ... Thanks again for your great service."

8/11/01  6000rbta  Glenn F.  Vermont:
"Hi Scott-Fan arrived today. I installed it, and works great. Thanks!"

8/10/01   Robert L.  Ca.:
"Scott:... I need thank you and your wonderful people in Customer
Service. They knew just what to do after I was able to describe the part in
detail. You guys are great!! Thanks." 

8/6/01 4000deal  Rick S. Colorado:
"...Shipping was prompt and it arrived undamaged. Installation was relatively easy, just square the existing hole and wire it up. Worst part was the HOT Colorado sun. When I set a tool down on the roof, I had to cover it with a rag, else it was too hot to pick up again! Anyhow, it works GREAT, and looks like it was made for my GMC. Trimming the inner surround to fit was simply a matter of using a handsaw. My thanks and highest recommendation to Scott and Fan-Tastic. " 

Hi Scott, 
I have a 6000 model fan that I purchased in September, 1990. Recently it has been sticking in the closed position which is more noticeable on these very hot July days. A call to the manufacturer put me in touch with a knowledgeable tech who said it appeared the circuit board was going bad. A replacement is on the way at no charge. Now that is standing behind your product! John W-----.

8/2/01--Mike    2- 4000deal  
"I replaced two of my original vents with the Fantastic 4000 offer Scott had...."  Mike in GB"

6/16/01 --Tom A......., Green Valley, AZ. 
"What a thing of beauty!  Man, if I could count on my other two replacements to go as smoothly as this one,  I'd stop procrastinating!  The Fantastic [vent] is truly a work of art; it is everything that you and others have said."
6/10/01 ---Henry D...., Ca  
"This morning I completed installing a new Fantastic Vent I bought from Scott. This replaced a two year old model that wore out the automatic open/close mechanism. I really like the new vent (6000 RBTA) it's quiet and works great. Scott's prices were very good also. The old vent will get replacement parts and go into one of the other coaches."

6/2/01  1-6000rbta
"...The rain sensor is way cool. It is a small printed circuit board with two zig zag lines on it. A drop
of rain completes the circuit. The one in my LeSharo worked fine for 5 years. I always loved to see people running to close their vents while I just looked over and watched mine close." Gcbr

5/21/01-- 3 vents 6000rbta-- Chuck B....... ID. 
BTW, took a 3 day trip this weekend, (first of the new year), and really enjoyed those 3 Fantastics. That one in the bathroom makes a tremendous difference in the "size" of that room when you can get some natural light in that "broom closet"! Thanks again for putting together the great buys, and distributing the proper trim bezels. Perfect fit and colors.

5/15/01 3-6000rbta  Tom W..... NY.
Today got all of the fantastic fans installed and fully operational. Boy one advantage I can see for them already. Turn all three of them on high and put them on input and you pressurize the coach really fast. Could be used with some soap solution on the outside to find leaks anywhere in the coach. Boy do those things move a lot of air. 

5/7/01  2-6000rbta
We installed our Fantastic vents Saturday and had no trouble. We could tell immediately the difference! ....Thanks a lot,   Jerry & Annetta E.....

4/29/01 RVamerica forum:
"Jerry, I've had both brands, and presently have Fantastics in my coach. Both seem to be good products. I did find the Fantastic fans to be quieter than the MaxxAir. Fantastic customer service is, well, fantastic....."

" I have a 1968 Airstream 17' Caravel and would like to add a Fantastic
 Vent to replace the current small, noisy fan. There is a 14" opening
 with rounded corners. Thanks; B. C.

Note: Ken installed a 2100R series with remote controls in his Southwind RV. 
 4/20/2001  "Scott: Sorry I missed you on IM. Wanted to thank you for your help with my 
fan, it works great. Had fun cutting the hole. My roof is 4 7/16 thick but I 
got it. Going to try it out this weekend. We're going camping for a couple 
days. Be back Monday.  Thanks, Ken" 

4/19/2001 "I received the fan today. I hope that you have received my check. I see that the dome is a bluish smoke tint. This is a bit different than the greyish smoke dome that I have on my older one but it'll be fine. Thanks again." E. S. bought a 6000rbta 

"Hi Scott,
Well, we received the fans. Hubby installed them quickly and without any problems. We went on the maiden voyage last week. The 1977 Palm Beach did great, and we love it. The new fans made all the difference! We were able to leave the dogs inside with the fan on in the living room. The one in the bath was great, and took away that claustrophobic feeling-it's just like a skylight
Lxxxxx & Bxxxx"

"Well, we did it, the old girl now has a vent in the bathroom. This is a
must do project. Easy to do. It sure makes a big improvement in
the bathroom. During the daytime I can now see when I open 
the door. I LOVE IT. Thanks Scott.....
Take Care  Gxxx"  1-6000RBTA

"Definitely a great addition to any rig... a "Fantastic Fan". This is a high volume 12 Volt fan that replaces one of your existing roof vents. It draws very little current and can really help keep the rig cool without using the A/C. On low, it only draws a couple of amps and on high, it will exchange the air in your rig for cooler outside air in a minute or two. Find them at any camping retailer however ...Adohen Supply Co. " You are the best!!  Mark 

"... If you need more than just the cover you might be looking at replacing the entire vent. If so you may wish to look at a Fantastic Vent. I do not have one, but am told that they live up to their name." 

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