2003 Feedback

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12/27/03 Lance G.  Citrus Heights, Ca  6500series " Great Service- It fits great now"

12/24/03 Russ S.  Cokato, Mn  3-6000rbta  Animal Trailer "Scott, Hi profile it is. Time frame is OK.
Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!" 

12/8/03 Braam C.  Gauteng,South Africa   2-6000rbta  89Gazelle610  "I also want to take this opportunity to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a prosperous new year and I hope 2004 is the best year you ever had. Thanks again for all the trouble and effort you have gone through I can tell you we are glad to see there is still people in the world that is willing to go the extra mile to help others and you are one off them !"

11/22/03  Dave R.  Richmond, Va.   1-5000rbt    "Great! Itís been a pleasure doing business with you. When Iím asked where I got that fan, Iíll be sure to refer them to you!" 

11/19/03  Steve W.  Avon Lake, OH. 1-Endless Breese  2000 Volvo Semi-truck "Thanks Scott.  I used the fan numerous times and with the extension cord.  I put it where I want it. It is just great." 

11/17/03  David S.  Tucson, Az.  2-Endless Breese  Trail Lite  " These fans are more powerful than I imagined.  Thank you!"    

11/15/03   Mike L.   Fort Wayne, Indiana  1-b2000r 1- 6200 upgrade kit  2001 Coachman  "Thank you for knowing what I needed and fine service."  

11/9/03  Richard T.  Ashland, Or.   1-4000r   91 Vacation Air  " Thanks for the help on the fan."

11/1/03 Joe L.  Erie, Pa.  1-5000rbt   1977 Apache "Hi Scott , I hope you donít mind a little more advertising. Check out. http://www.jjlis.com/apache2    It looks and works great."

10/20/03  Garry P.  Hereford, Az. 1-6200 Upgrade kit  96 Barth   "Thanks for the help--now I will have the 6000rbta I wanted 7 years ago."

10/15/03  John A.  Austin, Texas  2-6000rbta 1- 4000r  2001 Trail lite R-vision  "I thank you very
much for suggesting I use the low profile fans.  Your knowledge and experience is very well appreciated. Thank you for being available to provide the fans and for your able assistance."

10/11/03  George J.  Port Jefferson Station, NY. 1-4000r  2000 Georgie Boy  " Thank you-I appreciate your efforts and professionalism in my purchase. I will certainly recommend you to others. I have never had such service in any of my other internet purchases." 

9/25/03  Justin S.  Waukesha, Wi. 1-5000rbt  Box Van  "Thank you, I'm sure I will be happy with the vent, it looks and works great."   (Justin travels around the country selling his artwork and to save motel bills sleeps in the Box Van so he needed ventilation ) 

9/23/03 Al K. Sequim,Wa. 1-6000rbta  78 GMC  " Just got back from GMCWS rally in BC. I watched the installation of a Fantastic at the rally.  I was impressed and want one."

9/22/03  Tom P.  Kingman, Az.  1-4000r   Camper6 Six Pac-t100 03     "... I like it.
My respectful Salute, Tom P...Master Chief USN Emeritus

9/22/03 Jim B.  770 Area code  "Just want to tell you how much we appreciated your fast response to our parts problem. We cost you long distance fees, sorry.  If we had looked at your website more closely you mention for parts except upgrade kits call Fantastic Vent 1-800-521-0298.  We called Fantastic, our parts are being shipped to us for free. Thank you for your help!"  

9/22/03 www.okfb.com   Oklahoma City, Ok.  Demonstration trailers 2-6000rbta 2-6200 upgrade kits.  "Thank you! We previously purchased through you. When we need more, we will do it again."  

9/19/03  Michael S. Georgetown,Tx. 1-4000r  61 Airstream  "Thank you for helping me decide upon my vent purchase."  

9/19/03 Chris H.  Madison, Wi.  2-4000r  1-900  75 Airstream    "The order is exactly what we talked about on the phone. It was a pleasure doing business with you."

9/15/03   Mary A. Graham, Fl  1-4000r  Aliner trailer  "Thank you Scott.  We purchased a Fantastic Vent from our local RV dealer however it was not the correct one for our Aliner. It cost more and did not fit. They did not even know what we needed."
9/14/03  Lee B.  Jackson Hole, Wy.  2-Endless Breeze Portable Fans  95  Bluebird   "Thank you Scott. We use one in the coach and the other with the horse trailer."

9/14/03  David N. Flagstaff, Az.  2-4000r  Dog trailer  "Duck soup installation. Dogs are cool.  The Flat domes blend right into the side. Thanks for the recommendation."

9/13/03 Jason J. Bangor, Me. 2-6000rbta  Airstream "Thank you very much. The fans are great.  It took me all day to install them but I had nothing else to do.  At 72 I don't move as fast."  

9/11/03 John B. Crystal River, Fl.   1230 Upgrade kit   " Fan upgrade kit arrived yesterday....took all of 30 minutes to install..........works great.........I'll give your URL to my RV friends.......can't beat your prices......service"

9/10/03  I have been so busy getting ready for a wedding and taking care of business, that I have not had time to update this feedback. I assure you we are still sending Fantastic vents, Endless Breeze fans,  JRV monitors and other products everyday. The wedding last weekend was just grand and great combined!    

8/19/03 Mike M.   Oakley, Ca  "Hi Scott, Thank you for the quick response, and the perfect solution to the problem. I will make sure everyone knows where I got my fan, and what great customer service I received! Hopefully I will be able to send some business your way. Thanks Again, Mike "

8/13/03  Rich J.    "High Scott, finally installed the vent. Works great. The 3 gaskets did work handling the curve in the roof. Found roof was only 3/8" thick. Sides of roof are over 1/2". Built frame of 1/4" plywood under roof to increase strength and give screws a good hold. All worked well. Looks good. Nice Vent. Fan is really quiet."

8/1/03 Joe S.  Alberta, Canada 1-6000rbta  02  R Vision trailer   " I just replace the top vent of my R Vision 2002, 17 foot trailer,  the fan works and fit perfectly without having to pay 90 dollars to fix it man"

7/28/03  Joe B.  Westlake, Oh.  Endless Breese  Tartan 10 "Sam and Carol just love it. Send me 2 more. "

7/25/03  Jack S.  Laramie, Wy. 2-6000rbta  Airstream  " Thank you for helping me. Your websites showing different installations were very helpful and made the job easy."    

7/19/03 Don M.  Danforth, IL.  2-5000rbt   73-78GMC  "Thank you again for the fans and the recommendation for the translucent white.....it is very bright in the motor home"

7/18/03 Russ R.  Dewey, Az.  1-4000r   99 Coachman TT   "Fan arrived exactly as you said WED evening. Just installed this AM....a piece of cake. Actual time was about an hour and 1/2......... Works great too!...Thanks again ...will recommend you to our friends."

7/17/03   Bill B.  Boone, NC  1-4000r   Kit Companion      "I received the fantastic vent yesterday as promised. Thank you for your quick response and honesty."

7/15/03   Sandy N. Fenton, MI. 2-4000r GMC 73-78 "Just finished installing .... fan in bath and the new grey fan in bedroom. Both look great, what an improvement in that little GMC bath. Takes some of the claustrophobia out of it."†

7/10/03  Bernice P.  East Stroudsburg, Pa.  5000rbta  02 Dodge Discovery  "Thank You"

7/8/03   JP. M.  Hampstead, MD.  Endless Breeze  "Thank you very much--just what we needed to keep cool" 

7/7/03  Bill C.   Kempner, Tx.  2-6000rbta  Monaco Dynasty  " Thank you for the prompt service" 

7/4/03  Scott S. Red Creek, NY.  2-5000rbt   Montana    "Thank you for all your help in making my decision.  Your prompt 6 phone calls to me to answer all my questions was great." 

7/2/03   William S. Anchorage, Alaska   2-6000rbta  73-78 GMC  "Thank you, Scott.  Just so you know I will be fishing for the next week if you try to call"   

6/27/03   Bryan H. Livermore, Ca 1-5000rbt  03 Nash Trailer "Thank you"

6/25/03 Monte B. Silver City, NM.  1-600rbta 2000 Kit Companion  "Thank you for custom fitting this vent for me, I appreciate your service and prices."

6/16/03 Ron F.  Anchorage, Alaska  1-5000rbt  85 Getaway  "Thanks Scott, come visit God's country someday"

6/13/03 Tim R.  Battle Creek, MI.  3-4000r   73-78 GMC  "Thanks Again"

6/10/03 John B.  San Martin, Ca. 2-6000rbta  73-78 GMC  "Thank you for your communications...you have correctly identified what I require...thanks for your assistance...Thank You" 

6/8/03 Mike J. Innisfil, Ontario Can. 1-6000rbta   Airstream    "The fan arrived on Friday, that's fast!. It looks like the total cost above yours was $43.00. This covers the duty, pst and gst for Ontario. If you are sending it to other provinces the pst might be less..... That is still cheaper than me buying it up here and it arrived in half the time. I installed it today and it works great. Thanks for getting it out so quick."

6/7/03  Cecil E. Richmond, In.  1-4000r  73-78GMC  "You have so many choices and great service, Thanks"  

6/6/03  Kevin B. Whitby, Ontario, Can. 1-6000rbta   Dodge Van  "Very commendable service, you answer emails and return phone calls even to Canada"   

6/2/03  Joel M.  Solon, Iowa    1-5000rbt  Dodge Ram Van " Thanks for the good response. It was nice talking to you"  

5/27/03  Wes F. Santa Anna, Ca.  2-4000r  Holiday Rambler " Scott, thanks for the rapid response and realistic price."  

5/22/03  Jim C.  Atascadero, Ca  1-5000rbt  "Thank you, Thank you!  The fan arrived today. I can't put it in till tonight. It has boomed up to 100 today, You have saved a buckeye"  (Jim lived near Akron, Ohio (Buckeye State). 

5/20/03  Carl R.  Bath, In.   1-5000rbt   Cargo Trailer  " Thank you for your concern and help with this fan"

5/17/03  Eric E.  San Rafael, Ca  1-4000r  "Fantastic Vent Corp must be happy with the way you represent them--you are as good as the Fantastic Vents themselves--keep up the good PR--2 good things today--you and another Fantastic Vent" "Thank you" 

5/16/03  Linda L.  Swanton, Oh  2-6000rbta  73-78 GMC   " WOW!, thanks again, looking
forward to checking out your other sites of GMC interest."

5/16/03 Carl F.  Galion, Oh     4000r   Airstream   " Thank you Scott,  I helped install the vents you sent to my son in law for their Airstream.  We decided we wanted to try one too."  

5/14/03  Frank G.  Deerbrook, Wi   5000rbt   Scamp  "  Thank you" "We are going to a scamp 
Camp..... I was told there are 32 Scamp or other little trailers and the number is growing." "We will certainly mention where we got our vent"

5/13/03 Debbie G.   Fairbanks, Alaska  Endless Breeze  "Thank you"    

5/12/03  Gerald M.   Hueytown, Al  6000rbta  73-78 GMC " Thank you for the Fantastic Fan,.. you sent a Thomas 317...and 6 KYB's before, nice talking to you again" 

5/7/03  David M.  Lexington, KY.  Endless Beeeze    "I won an Endless Breeze at a long haul truckers convention.  I want to give one to my son for his birthday.  I like it so much he should have one. Thank you"  

5/07/03 Linda R.  Spring, TX  2-6000rbta  87 Airstream  "Thanks for helping me with my order for the new Fantastic Fans for my Airstream trailer."

5/3/03  Al S. Franklin,  AL   1-4000r  73-78GMC  "I looked at Arch's installation and want more light in the bathroom."  "Thank you"  

5/02/03 Timothy C. Skokie, Il.   1-6000rbta  Hi-Lo  "Thank you for your help. It was nice doing business with you."  

4/29/03  Rick M. Dunedin, FL. 1-6000rbta  Ford Van "Good deal, thanks...."

4/29/03 Tom A. Green Valley, AZ 2-6000rbta  73-78 GMC  "...Thanks."

4/29/03 Allan Q. Tonopah, NV.  1-6000rbta  88Allegro  " Thanks Scott you have been just super"

4/28/03 Cal G  Harrah, Ok   1-6000rbta  Box Van  " I know after corresponding with you, this is the perfect vent,...Working together, we will have an advantageous end result, in regards to this box van.
Again . Thank you for time and professionalism." 

4/23/03  Judy B. Monroe, MI  1-5000rbt   Aliner   " ....thank you so much"

4/21/03  Zak C. Cincinnati, OH   Endless Breeze  Airstream  "I tried the Endless Breeze Sunday in the back yard because it was hotter than normal--I like it.  I will be getting the  6000 vents for the trailer soon. Thank you for the help with the selection."  

4/18/03  Frank L. Northwood, NH  1-6000rbta  2002 Sportsman "Chris Bryant
Thanks for posting that web site for Fan-tastic fan. (http://members.aol.com/fantasticvent)  I bought the 6000 model. I checked out prices in my area and they were at least 70-75 dollars higher not including shipping."

4/17/03  Paul R.  Hennepin, IL  2-6000rbta  2000 Sunline   " ... you were right on all accounts so I took your advice. Talked with ...Scott who was very helpful in getting me setup.... Glad I shopped around and asked some questions."

4/16/03  Pam W. Merced, CA. 3-4000r  68 GMC bus "We received the three fans and they are installed and are working beautifully"

4/15/03  Janet C.  Indianapolis, IN.  3-6000rbta  75 GMC Classic  "Hi Scott, John finally got them installed. After the first one, the rest were easy for him!  Thank you for the help with our selection and splendid service. We are amazed at how much more powerful these vents are over the noisy originals." 

4/15/03 Peter H.  Granada Hills, CA.  1-3000bt   2-900s Airstream " Thank you! The Airstream is going to look great with the smoked domes!"  " ...we would like (The new Airstream)  white interior bezels, please."

4/15/03 Howard B.  Sioux Falls, SD.  1-6000rbta  Airstream  " Thanks"

4/14/03  David C. Overland Park, KS. 1-6000rbta  GMC Classic " Thank You "

4/12/03 Sam E.  Austin, TX.  1-5000rbt  00 Aliner  "Hi Scott, thanks for taking my order.
Saw your posts in the yahoo aliner/chalet newsgroup."

4/4/03   Pam W.   Merced, CA.   3-4000r  68 GMC bus conversion  " Thank you for all your help with this. We think these 3 new vents will make our lives much more comfortable in our big old bus....Your price, even with the extra for the UPS(2nd day air), is certainly a savings over anything around here...."

3/27/03  Jonathan G.  Northampton, MA.  1-6000rbta  Winnie Warrior  "It was nice to speak with an honest to goodness internet entrepreneur. I do hope things at Adohen Supply keep going strong....Thanks again for the service and assistance"

3/21/03  Chris P.  Malabar, FL.  2-4000r  GMC  "You have been a rare exception lately.  Most people seem to be really flaky, not replying to emails, etc.  Thanks for keeping on top of this with me."

3/10/03  Frank C.   Waldorf, MD.  1-5000rbt  Aliner   "Scott, Well I got the package and...I installed it and...it works great. Roof goes up and down just great. Thank You Very Much. Also thanks for the great gift. You certainly know how to keep a customer happy. Thanks again."  

3/10/03 Michael Y.  Bradenton, Fl. 1-6000rbta  Winnebago  "Got it, thanks Scott, the (park) rangers had it. Looks great, thanks again! ...."

3/4/03 Frank C. Waldorf, MD.  1-5000rbt  Aliner  " Wow thanks...I will let you know once I receive it and replace it.  I was just very impressed that you looked into the problem so quickly."

2/25/03 Andrew W.,  M. Valley, CA. 1-5000rbt 1-6500 series with 310r wall control  73-78GMC  "The vents will go in standard midline locations.  I may order another for the bathroom later. Thanks,  Andrew"

2/23/03 Gerry W. Point Roberts, WA. 2-6000rbta  77 Airstream  "... 6000 RBTA fantastic vents with white translucent standard dome with off-white Airstream interior trim bezel...Thanks"

2/21/03 Grant T. Blaine, WA. 1-6000rbta  77 Chinook Concourse "Vent picked up today. Looks like a sturdy item. Thanks again, Grant"

2/20/03 Steve B. Raleigh, NC.  20-4000r  Laboratory Testing Vans  "..The bezels we have should work then. I'm sending up my paperwork saying that we got the items, as soon as I get the invoice I will forward that as well. Thanks."

1/27/03 Jim M.  Greeley,  Co. 1-6000rbta, 1-5000rbt, 1-Endless Breeze  73-78GMC  "I'm going to do it anyway. Thank You" 

1/18/03 Jack K. Springfield, Il.  1-4000r  Aliner   "...good doing business with you."

1/14/03 Luc B. Ottawa, Canada  1-5000rbt  VW Westfalia  "Just to let you know that I received the Fan tastic vent and happy about it.  I just wanted to say thank you.  It is not installed as yet as it is minus 20 degrees these days and I haven't got a heated garage, but it will be soon installed."
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